The Wonderful World of Apps

Unless you have been living on the moon for the last five years, you will have every idea of what an App is. An App (short for Application) is used as a short-cut to a website and can be found on every smart phone, tablet, mobile device, and some laptops and computers.


Whether you want to chat with friends, do some shopping, sell an item, find a date, watch TV, book travel, catch the latest film, read reviews, pray, meditate, or play games….as the saying goes: “There’s an App for that” (Apple, 2011).


The most common Apps found on every device are the social interaction Apps. FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram are used by everyone, young and old. There are ways to stay in touch with family around the world: Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, and BBM. With these Apps, many users enjoy instant communication and can even have face to face calls with those far away from home.


There are also sharing Apps like Pinterest, where users “Pin” things on their virtual Notice Boards for others to see and share, whatever interests the user and their followers. Things like Make Up Tips, Cooking Tips and achieving a balanced sate of body and mind, are all available on this App.


There are serious Apps for those looking to job-hunt or those trying to network for business. Linked In and Indeed are regularly used by professionals.


There are also fitness Apps that track progress during walks, runs, training and can connect to gym equipment to provide the day’s workout. My Fitness is a popular one. There are healthy eating Apps that can track the day’s calorie intake and weigh that against physical activity undertaken to determine the user’s daily eating plan progress. Slimming World and Weight Watchers have popular Apps in this category.


And there are Apps for Music and Film buffs: Shazaam will name that tune that has been bugging you for days; while Netflix can provide box sets of TV shows and gives Movies according to the user’s interests, using a rating system to determine which films or shows to upload next time for the user.


Tesco, Asda, Argos, Gumtree and Ebay Apps are available for the seasoned shoppers who enjoy the saved items functions, making shopping quicker and easier. Reserving items at the touch of a button, then picking the item up the next day, all from the comfort of your sofa. Genius.


Each person’s device will have Apps that reflect the user’s mood, personality and interests. No two devices would be the same in theory, as each is unique to the owner. The main App providers are App Store for Apple products and Google Play for other devices like Android.



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