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Get a Small Business Partner to help your business

Ever thought of getting your own small business partner.

Many hands make light work but too many cooks spoil the broth, so is using a business parter the right way to go in your small business?

Starting your own small or micro business can be a great adventure, it can also be full of stress. Just think how great it would be to share that joy and pain with someone.

Benefits of getting a Small Business Partner

Some of the benefits of working with a partner or partners in your small business venture are:

  • Some one to bounce ideas off
  • Some one that is also motivated by the goal of developing a great business
  • Sharing skills, we can’t all know and do everything. It’s great to share the workload, knowledge and skills
  • Sharing resources, you may not have every thing you need for your business, a partner may have other tools and equipment that you lack

The problem with a having a Small Business Partner

A partnership with others may present you with some challenges

  • Your partner may have differnt ideas on the direction of your business
  • Personalities may clash, will you lead together or will one lead and the other follow?
  • Trust may be an issue, how trusting are you?
  • Work ethic may be differnet, you may want to work 24 7 and they may want to work 9 – 5
  • Motivation may not last, it may be fine working together at the start but if times get tough, will the business relationship still work?

Working with a partner has many benefits, just don’t overlook the challenges. I think that life is a balance of risk, reward and luck.

Remember to give me your feedback.

I am always looking to parter up with like minded people, I have plenty of ideas but too little time to work on them all, maybe we could partner up, maybe I have a skill that you need and we could swap skills, let me know what works for you.





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