How to come up with Ideas to help your small business


This podcast looks at idea generation, how to come up with ideas to help your small business or for any other time you need to come up with an idea.

How to come up with ideas

There are plenty of ways of generating ideas, some of these are covered in the podcast here are a few:

  • Get into a relaxed state so that ideas can flow into your mind.
  • Simply write down anything that comes into your mind. Don’t judge, just record your thoughts. Do this for a fixed time, maybe half an hour or less.
  • Walk around with a pad, pen, audio recorder or other method for capturing that great idea as it pops into your head.

The main point is that you can get your next great idea at any time, be ready to capture it.

These methods have worked well for me and over the years and also seem to work for others.

Ideas and Business Startup

I was recently asked for help by a reader, he has an idea for a buiness that he would like to do but is not so sure how to get started.

We will talk about starting up a new business and how ideas help in this this to happen.

Please feel free to ask questions and I will get back to you in the next podcast.

Many thanks


signs of growing Consumer spending may benefit your business

Consumers are spending more than they did in 2012.

According to the ONS
Average weekly household expenditure was £517.30 in 2013. This compares with £501.00 in 2012, after adjusting for inflation.

The third highest category of expenditure after housing and Transport was Recreation and culture, here consumers spent £63.90 per week.

This category includes spending on TVs, computers, newspapers, books, leisure activities and package holidays. (ONS, 2014)

These indicators are a sign of opportunity but what are you doing to make sure that your business gets a share of this increase in spending?

Win more customers with a great USP

One of the best ways to gain customers and grow your business is using your USP.

This gives customers a reason to do business with you and not some other business offering the same product or service. It’s important for consumers to have a reason for doing business with you, there are probably lots of other businesses offering what you offer, show your prospective customers why you are a better option than your competition.