Why it is faster to make a new product in China

China is great at making low cost products

This maybe a great small business opportunity for you.

There is nothing new about China’s role as a the world’s main low cost production centre but why is it faster to make a thechnology hardware product in China than in the west?

There are many reasons why China is great for small business product development, some include low labour costs but there are other more important reasons.

Watch this video to find out why China is the place to go if you want to build new tech hardware Fast.



Get a Small Business Partner to help your business

Ever thought of getting your own small business partner.

Many hands make light work but too many cooks spoil the broth, so is using a business parter the right way to go in your small business?

Starting your own small or micro business can be a great adventure, it can also be full of stress. Just think how great it would be to share that joy and pain with someone.

Benefits of getting a Small Business Partner

Some of the benefits of working with a partner or partners in your small business venture are:

  • Some one to bounce ideas off
  • Some one that is also motivated by the goal of developing a great business
  • Sharing skills, we can’t all know and do everything. It’s great to share the workload, knowledge and skills
  • Sharing resources, you may not have every thing you need for your business, a partner may have other tools and equipment that you lack

The problem with a having a Small Business Partner

A partnership with others may present you with some challenges

  • Your partner may have differnt ideas on the direction of your business
  • Personalities may clash, will you lead together or will one lead and the other follow?
  • Trust may be an issue, how trusting are you?
  • Work ethic may be differnet, you may want to work 24 7 and they may want to work 9 – 5
  • Motivation may not last, it may be fine working together at the start but if times get tough, will the business relationship still work?

Working with a partner has many benefits, just don’t overlook the challenges. I think that life is a balance of risk, reward and luck.

Remember to give me your feedback.

I am always looking to parter up with like minded people, I have plenty of ideas but too little time to work on them all, maybe we could partner up, maybe I have a skill that you need and we could swap skills, let me know what works for you.




Procrastination How to End it Fast and Easy

In this podcast we talk about How to end procrastination the fast and easy way. If you suffer from this problem, in this podcast you will learn how to get over it and get things done.

You will learn methods that I have used to deal with my own procrastination and that of my students.

These methods work for me and many other people, they may work for you, give them a try, let me know how you get on.

Thanks for listening.


Viber a great mobile communication tool

The Viber Mobile App

Having used many different tools for communication via my mobile, I’ve found Viber to be one of the best. I started out many years ago with Skype but found it to be rather buggy, this was true over ten years ago before the age of mobile apps. Mainly used it to talk with people in other countries or as a cheap way to call home when I was out of the country but I found Skype to be too buggy with calls dropping or strange sounds on the line etc.

What’s so good about Viber?

After testing a few different tools I eventually I found Viber and it has proven itself to be a pretty reliable tool.

You can make free Viber to Viber calls from your mobile phone using the app and your data plan or Wifi connection. You can also make calls from your Viber to a landline or mobile number, you pay for this but it can be very cost effective for example making calls to some EU countries from UK is very cheap and with some mobile companies like 3 you can call from 11 countries using your existing free calls on your mobile contract however for some strange reason, Czech Republic is not one of those countries. So Viber is a great cost effective way to make calls from a UK mobile to a Czech mobile or landline and it works from Czech Republic to UK.


The tool has many other great useful features including sharing videos and photos from your mobile and the ability to hold a group chat. Another great feature, although not that useful if you have unlimited texts on your contract is that it can automatically send your text messages via Viber to anyone you text that’s also on Viber, it also offers to place a voice call as a Viber to Viber call if the person you are calling is on Viber.


The app looks like it’s targeted at young people with all it’s ‘Stickers’ and other bits but it is a great little small business tool that’s waiting for you to use it.


Over the years this app has worked great on our HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy Note2, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, have also used it a few times on a PC and experienced the usual great results.



Click here to get Viber Test it out and let me know what you think




Three small business startup problems that you may face

Here are just three of the many challenges you may face if you are thinking of starting your own small business.

  • Business strartup Procrastination

It’s sometimes very hard to get started because of constantly putting it off, finding other things to do first and never getting round to the real work of actually starting the business.

  • Unrealistic small business goals

If you expect results that are not realistic, this may cause you some problems. Some people think they will start their business today and have enough profit to quit work tomorrow, this may be true for some businesses but is this realistic for most businesses? Having unrealistic goals can cause even a great business idea to fail.


  • Not using small business startup help.

You may not have all the skills and knowledge you need to start your business, some people find themselves lost, they don’t know what to do and they spend lots of time trying to work things out themselves instead of getting help.  For example if you don’t know anything about websites but you need a site for your new business, why spend a long time learning about websites when you can just get help in this area by finding an expert and asking them.

It is a great idea to learn all you can about your business and to keep learning but it’s also important to spend time wisely, to spend time and energy on getting the business started rather than spending time on trying to do everything yourself. There are only twenty four hours in a day and there is a limit to what one person can do alone without help.

Fortunately there are many ways to overcome these three challenges, the main way is to plan what you want to do, set goals and get help to make them happen.


If you need help to get your small business idea started, just ask, I’m more than happy to help you.





Half of workers may be freelancers in five years time

More people to become freelancers in the next five years, according to new research 50% of workers will be working on a freelance basis, What can we make of this?

If you are thinking of starting a business, this maybe an opportunity for you as you may be able to test your idea as a freelancer or you may use freelacers as a low cost way of getting into the market because you don’t have to start out with full time employees.

As with most developments in business, there are good and bad points to this trend, it’s all about your creativity and ability to benefit out of the situation.


Keep up with change by learning from people around you

The world is constantly changing, how do you keep up, one way is to learn from others around you.

People around us are a great source of learning and inspiration but we often forget to make use of this great free learning resource.


This learning can be used to solve business, marketing and management problems.



How to keep your website mobile and your customers loyal

In this show we talk about how to get customers to do business with you, how to move someone from a visitor to a loyal customer.

We talk about why it’s important to have a mobile ready website and some tips on making your small business website mobile ready without spending lots of money.

Small business mobile marketing, just like any other marketing has many stages, this podcast covers just some of the many points you should consider.

please let me know how your mobile marketing works for your small or micro business.