Why it is faster to make a new product in China

China is great at making low cost products

This maybe a great small business opportunity for you.

There is nothing new about China’s role as a the world’s main low cost production centre but why is it faster to make a thechnology hardware product in China than in the west?

There are many reasons why China is great for small business product development, some include low labour costs but there are other more important reasons.

Watch this video to find out why China is the place to go if you want to build new tech hardware Fast.



Three small business startup problems that you may face

Picture of starup problems

Here are just three of the many challenges you may face if you are thinking of starting your own small business. Business strartup Procrastination It’s sometimes very hard to get started because of constantly putting it off, finding other things to do first and never getting round to the real work of actually starting the … Read more

Small business can be fun

fun small business pic
small business can be fun

Small business can be fun but what do you do in the hard times, remember that many small businesses fail in the first two to five years of operation.

Maybe looking for the fun part of it and remembering the fun times can fuel positive energy and motivation in the hard times.

I wish you luck and fun.